What is Poetry Globe?

We’re excited to be here and looking forward to bringing you poetry and Spoken Word from around the world. That’s right! From New York to Paris, poetry is international. We will share poets’ visions with you to learn why and how they create, and from where they draw their inspiration.

Poetry Globe

When I travel overseas
Call me international dollar
Accepted everywhere, across hemispheres
Grad school scholar
Verbally poetic
Spiritually prophetic
Caribbean immigrant
Kingdom citizen.

Travel this globe
In hopes of finding poetry
Spewing from native tongues
With a loud voice
Carried by a deep breath
Pushed forth by strong lungs.

This poetry is known for
Invoking emotion and
Stirring up commotion
Propelling your highs
Soothing your lows.

If you think you’ve reached your peak,
Wait until you hear that next poet speak
It’ll light a fire under your feet
like hot concrete.

Everyone has a story to tell
and poetry does it well.

What’s your story?

1 thought on “What is Poetry Globe?”

  1. P. Hinton said:

    Love it!!! Keep up the great work!

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