Longsworth, who began writing and performing rhymes in his senior year of high school, is a student of media and lover of all things entertainment.  As a writer and performer, Longsworth crafts intriguing poetry and performs Spoken Word for audiences wherever possible.
Practicing the art of delivering hip hop verses through a microphone continued throughout his college years. Longsworth developed his writing and performing talents, organized open mic showcases, and became the consummate promoter. All of these activities lead to the growth of his artist management company in the early 2000’s. After moving on from artist management, Longsworth took pen to pad, picked up the microphone once again, and returned to the stage, this time with a focus on the art of Spoken Word.  A move he credits to friends asking him to perform at a poetry open mic they were hosting in his home city of Paterson, NJ.  Longsworth insists that the movie SLAM and the writings of Saul Williams introduced him to Spoken Word and it’s ability to impact the listener.
Having an entrepreneurial spirit and extraordinary vision allowed Longsworth to have run his own artist management company and PR firm.  He continues to launch new ventures, most recently, the lifestyle brand, Poetry Globe Lifestyle Group, which captures Longsworth’s passions in life, his fashion interests, and his lifestyle, and shares them with the world. He currently runs the international features blog, From NY to Paris. Longsworth is penning a poetry book titled, My Life in Verse.
At present, Longsworth conducts social media at 360i, a leader in Interactive Marketing.  He has years of experience in Public Relations for clients in several industries including film, theatre, sports, music, technology, publishing, non-profit organizations, and corporate accounts.  He began his career in sports and entertainment with simultaneous internships at Taylor PR and New Line Cinema.
Longsworth holds a MBA, with a concentration in Media Management from Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY).  He received his undergraduate degree from Monmouth University with a BA in Communications/Public Relations & Journalism, which is supported by a Minor degree in Computer Graphic Design.

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  1. P. Hinton said:

    I am sooo proud of this man…He inspires me more and more each day..Keep doing ur thing Stephen, I have faith that God will bless you with all you’ve ever imagined and more…:)

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